How are you using the Certification Widget?

What channels did you use to get certification approvals? is looking to add more value to her webinars by making certain ones certification training, but is trying to figure out where to start. Any inisght is greatly appreciated!

For my company, the various continuing education crediting bodies associated with our industry (mutual funds) have strict criteria.

  • Proof of attendance. (A minimum amount of time spent watching the webcast.)
  • A quiz that verifies they understood the material. (A passing score on that quiz.)
  • Some specific pieces of information in order to issue a credit. (Their full name, the dealer that advisor works for, their unique code with that dealer.)
  • The content presented in the webcast, which usually includes the deck, to determine whether or not the content meets their standards.

I would say, reach out to the crediting institution and ask them for their criteria -- the more specific the better -- to make sure your process captures everything they need.

Make sure you add whatever additional fields you need, in order to issue certifications/credits, to your registration form, and, if the webcast is meant for that specifically, make them required.

Figure out if you need to extract that information to another database/platform in order to manage/track/issue credits/certifications. (And whether you need to keep a history of those and for how long.)

Also, if this is something you're considering doing on an on-going basis, consider whether you might want to automate some of the process that will allow you to issue the certification and/or allow for some form of self-service on your site so that that certification is available through an account/service tied to the database/platform you use to manage these.

If it's to offer your own form of certification, work backwards from the desired outcome. What should they know in order to prove they warrant your certification? Make sure your quizzes and forms collect the relevant information to test them and issue the certification, and that there's enough rigour in your process that they can't "game the system".

Also, keep in mind, if, like in our industry, their are multiple crediting bodies, the "height of the bar" may be determined by the crediting institution with the most rigour. (Most quiz questions, most information required in the form, longest time-spent-viewing, most thorough content.)

Of course, you can run multiple webcasts for the purposes of lowering that bar if the participant is trying to attain the credit through an institution that has looser standards, but that can mean additional work on your end. (Which may be easier or harder to swallow depending on what the difference is in the "height" of the bars, the value of new leads or engaging existing leads, or the difficulties of asking a participant to provide a lot of additional information unnecessary for the issuing institution they work with.)

My two (ten?) cents.

We don't do this but it is a great idea!

We don't use our webinars for certification training, it's an interesting idea that would be powerful in some industries. Part of my company's value prop is that it's incredibly easy to use, so certification for us might not make sense.

I have just started using this feature. Many of our webcasts are free, but some people like to show their supervisors that they attended. So far all we require to earn the certificate is a certain number of minutes attended. It's easy to envision how you could include answering some questions or responding to poll questions, but I worry that people who are listening on their mobile devices might not have that capability. And...I'm still not happy with the way the certificates look. I wish the program would center the names!

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I am evaluating right now but do not use yet webinars for certification.

We don’t use this currently in my program

We are starting to use the certificates with our smaller on demand webinars. We require a certain amount of time that the attendee must stay on the webinar and also include a 3-5 question quiz. They then can show their superivor or HR department they completed an activity.

I am not using webinar for certification

I don't use the certification widget yet, however I've created a certification widget that links directly to our social media training acadamy. I hope in the future we can look into how to better utiilize the widget.

We haven't started using this feature yet, but are planning to use it in the future. We are a law firm that sometimes uses online content to help attorneys get CLE credit. The certification widget is a great tool for proof of attendance, as some states require proof that the attendee had a a minimum amount of time spent watching the webcast.

This is a great idea- we never have used this!

I'm also looing into this. Many customers are requesting "certifications of completion" after they watch our webinars. Any best practices on how to start?? Much appreciated.

This is a valuable topic and one i would love to learn more about. Do we create the certificates or are they auto populated from ON24?

Our agency uses these, but it is a fairly rigorous process for approval through various certification bodies both for state certification and we hold IACET certification for our trainings so that they carry CEU credit, so it just depends on what kind of credit you want to offer to your attendees. You might want to start by doing a quick survey to find out what type of credit they are seeking.

We use the cerification widget to provide CPE credit based on NASBA guidelines (National State Board of Accountantcy) we create our own certificate for each webinar.

If there our guidelines (proof of attendance, polling questions answered) provided by a specific crediting body to your industry make sure you know what those are so you can meet them.

If all you want to do is provide a certificate of completetion you can do that too. The certification widget is pretty simple to follow. The help section on ON24 provides great set up instruction as well

We use the certification widget for tracking and self-service download of CPE certificates on 90% of our webcasts. We have also used the certification widget to track requirments on an internal webcast in order to grant access to an asset library.

We don't hold and certification license... yet. For now, we are delivering certificate of attendance. Few professional boards (dentistry) can count those online webinars are CE. We really don;t need to get certification to deliver CE credits, we know it's a plus but is not on the top priority for the organization at this moment

I use the certification widget to offer a certificate of attendance if attendees view the webinars for a minumum of 45 minutes. I upload my own image to the widget. It works well overall but I wish I could customize the certificate with the attendee's actual name instead of making a generic certificate.

Incorporate your questions and accompany with whitepaper resources or downloads or accompany video amd then add in questions and depending on topic also include homework if necessary to complete and return to sign off, this is another way from people trying to 'game' the course answers and have others do it and cheat